What is Joan Capdevila up to?

Ciudad del Fútbol 16 Jul 2015
The 2010 World Cup champion, part of Spain's golden era, carries on involved in what he loves most: football

Joan Capdevila Méndez passionately speaks of the South Africa title. It's something which keeps him active, although he recognized he's not as agile as years before. 

He took part in the Belgian league and states the "need for football is still there. I can't lose excitement, I enjoy waking up to train. I am not a physical masterclass but I stay in shape and still enjoy the sport."

With regards to his time with the Spanish side he said that "in years people will learn to value what we achieved. The National Team is going through a generational change, due to age. It's logical. The youths are active and energetic and I think there's a bright future in the National Team. I hope we get to enjoy Spain's game in upcoming competitions."