Spanish Futsal awarded by FutSal Planet

Ciudad del Fútbol 10 Ene 2018
The prestigious global publication picks José Venancio López as best coach. Several Spaniards are named top players and best goalkeeper, as well as the best youth of 2017

Spanish futsal is on a winning streak. Ahead of kicking off the EURO, the Spanish side is raised to the top. The prestigious publication Futsal Planet has unveiled the 2017 awards. And the Spanish flavour is clearly present.

Spain's Head Coach José Venancio López was selected for the fifth time as best Head Coach of a National Team, whereas Alicia Morell was placed in the top five. Furthermore, Paco Sedano was chosen as best goalkeeper alongside Estela García Rodero. 

Spain also has the best runner-up player, Carlos Ortiz, the second best player Amelia Romero and notable youth footballer U21 and U18 player, Fernando Aguilera, from ElPozo Murcia. 

In terms of clubs, Movistar Inter was awarded the Best Team of the Year award and Jesús Velasco was distinguished as best club coach in the World.