Spain to use away kit for the first time against England

Ciudad del Fútbol 08 Abr 2019
The Spanish side completes its training camp with a second clash on Tuesday at 8pm

The Women's National Team will use their brand new away kit for the first time in the match against England on Tuesday 9th April at 8pm. This is the away kit which will serve the squad during the France World Cup in summer. 

The away kit is made up of a white shirt, with a front design and round neck with details in red and navy blue, which incorporates the best sports technology, without sacrificing comfort. It has also been designed by the players during the meetings with Adidas and RFEF. The MiTeam tool has been used to customize the equipment.

The footballers used their first kit on Friday, in Extremadura, in the clash against Brazil at Don Benito. Now, with the away kit, they face their second friendly in preparation for the World Cup challenge.