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The Spanish National Team's Football Museum is encompassed within the Ciudad del Fútbol in Las Rozas. It is a very special space with some of the most important memories of those who make up the National squad's history.  The door which gives access to the Museum is known of the Football door and it's a modern piece of art of great importance to the National Squad.


Location: Ramón y Cajal Street w/n
Postal Code: 28230
Las Rozas (Madrid)
Phone: +34 914 95 98 52
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From Tuesday to Sunday
9:30h. - 18:30h.

Before going into the Museum

It's an original from 1900 and it was chosen because the Art Nouveau coincides with the time the Spanish National Team was created in 1920.

The Football Door is guarded by two keepers: The first National Team goalie, Ricardo Zamora and Iker Casillas.

Leading the way..

The Museum begins with the first years of the Spanish National Football Team, with special emphasis on Antwerp's Olympic Games in 1920, which was the first tournament the team competed in. 

This area holds the trophies of that time like the first shirt worn by the Spain Squad, the letters written by Zamora and Samitier, telegrams of the time which informed of the silver medal they won as well as original posters of the time. 

Further along you can check all the memories of the first World Cup played in Uruguay in 1930, like the official ball. 

The first success for the Spanish National Team in a World Cup took place in Brazil '50 with a famous goal by Zarra. As a reminder the museum has the shirt of one of the players from that tournament: José Parra.


European Cup '64

The 1964 European Cup the first jewel of the museum is the European Cup of Nations, as it was known at the time, which  is displaced in a central room dedicated to this first success. 

Along with the Cup you can admire other treasures like the shirt worn by Olivella, captain of the team, Iribar's jersey or Chus Pereda's boots. 

Closer to our time

We all have the three most recent Spanish Squad's victories in mind: the European Cups of 2008 and 2012 and the 2010 South African World Cup, but ahead of these successes we cannot forget our result in the: 92' Barcelona Olympics, where we won the gold. And Sydney 2000 with the silver medal. 

European Cup 2008 

The victory after the 2008 European Cup set a before and after in the Spanish National Football Team's history and in this area of the museum you will found many memories from that day, that final, like the balls from the matches, the official shirts, as well as the original trophy and the medal the players were handed. 


World Cup 2010

Without a doubt the biggest attraction at the Museum. The trophy designed by Pablo Ornaque is placed in a rotating platform so that you can admire it's splendor from all angles. It's not the only memory from that day, you will see Iniesta and Iker Casillas' shirt, Howard Webb's kit, the footballs used in the matches, the technical whiteboard Vicente del Bosque used that night and many, many more surprises. 

European Cup 2012 

The most recent great success by the Spanish National Football Team is also glassed in the National Squad's Museum. 

Besides the European Cup you can check out the footballs used in the matches played by Spain, the scorers shirts (Silva, Mata, Jordi Alba and Fernando Torres), Iker Casilla's jersey, Pedro Proeça's entire kit - the referee fior the final,as well as the pennants swapped at the begining of the match. 
Don't miss out on the chance of checking all the Spanish National Team's victories in the most complete museum!