MATCH REPORT | Undefeated, Spain on the right track to the World Cup (2-0)

Murcia 07 Jun 2018
Spain defeated Israel and could officially qualify for the World Cup on Friday 8th June if Finland were not to win

Spain has brilliantly achieved its sixth win on the road to the France World Cup. 

With up to 17 shots on target, finally backed Israel into its half of the pitch, who attempted to threaten with counterattacks. 

Hanit Schwartz was outstanding for our rival squad, trying to hold back the score as much as possible, but conceded two goals for the Spanish side. 

The first came about through an assist by Jenni Hermoso to MariPaz Villas, who netted the opener with a powerful header. 

Spain sought a distant win, but Schwartz performance was impeccable 

Spain didn't give up and with changes in the squad, a penalty on Lucía García gave a chance. Alexia Putellas would score the 2-0 with a masterful penalty shot. 

With 2-0 and if Finland were to lose or draw with Austria, Jorge Vilda's side could have achieved a great aim: qualifying for its second World Cup. 

Photos: Raúl Pelegrín Rodríguez  

Sandra Paños, Andrea Pereira, Ivana Andrés, Marta Corredera, Mapi León, Virginia Torrecilla (Aitana Bonmatí 73´), Amanda Sampedro, Patricia Guijarro, Alexia Putellas, Mari Paz Vilas (Mariona Caldentey 62´) y Jenni Hermoso (Lucía García 81´).

Seleccionador: Jorge Vilda
Schwarz, Beck (Van Ouwerkerk 84´), Bar Oz, Sade (Metlakov 69´), Nakav, Sofer, David, Tvill, Falkon, Sendel y Schulmann (Schahaf 61´).

Seleccionador: Guy Azuri
1-0 (51´) Mari Paz Vilas de cabeza a centro de Jenni Hermoso.
2-0 (88´) Alexia Putellas de penalti.
Árbitra: Iuliana Demetrescu (Rumanía): No se mostraron amonestaciones.
Árbitras asistentes: Petruta Iugulescu (Rumanía) y Mihaela Tepusa (Rumanía)
Cuarta árbitra: Guadalupe Porras Ayuso (España)
Partido de clasificación para el Mundial femenino de Francia 2019.
Estadio de La Condomina (Murcia). 3.368 espectadores.
Asistieron al encuentro la vicepresidenta de la RFEF para asuntos de integridad, Ana Muñoz, el máximo responsable del Comité Nacional de Fútbol Femenino, Rafael del Amo, el presidente de la Federación de Fútbol de la Región de Murcia, José Miguel Monje, el alcalde de Murcia, José Francisco Ballesta, la presidenta de la Asamblea de Murcia, Rosa Peñalver, la consejera de deportes de la Región de Murcia, Adela Martinez y el jefe de la delegación israelí, Rozan Eli, entre otras autoridades.