MATCH REPORT | Stellar start for Spain in the Elite Round debut versus Israel (0-7)

Ciudad del Fútbol 08 Mar 2018
The Spanish U17 side beat Israel in their debut in the Elite Round, which earns one team a ticket to the EURO

21 shots on target, 17 goals and utter ball possession gave Spain it's first win, against the host side. 

An impeccable start for the Women's U17 Elite Round kicked off on Thursday 8th in Israel with for teams in a battle for the final phase, which will be held in May in Lithuania. 

The team led by Toña Is came out decided to gain control of the game from the start and soon had chances by Catalan player Claudia Pina, who netted the opener. Ten minutes in, Leire Peña scored the second, before half time. 

Israel only shot once on target to the goal of Cata Coll

The goal-fest took place in the second half. Toña Is called-in Bruna Vilamala, who scored after barely being on the pitch four minutes. 

Spain's chances increased as the minutes passed on the clock, meaning another goal was on the horizon. 

María Isabel Okoye, Irene López, Aida Esteve and Claudia Pina scored for Spain in a game where Cata Coll's goal was hardly threatened. 

Overall, a great debut for the Spanish U17 team who on Sunday plays against Russia in Israel's Ramat Gan.

Shulman, Didita, Avrahami, Kuznezov, Edri, Michaeli (Chulati 68´), Selimhodzic, Ozel (Houri 79´), Leah Cohen, Zohar Cohen, Porat (Polishuk 51´).

Head Coach: Iris Antman 
Catalina Coll, Iria Castro, Ana Tejada, Teresa Mérida, Jana Fernández, Irene López, María Isabel Okoye (Paola Hernández 56´), Claudia Pina, Leire Peña (Aida Esteve 71´), Ainhoa Marín (Bruna Vilamala 41´), Eva Maria Navarro.

Head Coach: Toña Is
0-1 (6´) Claudia Pina
0-2 (11´) Leire Peña
0-3 (45´) Bruna Vilamala
0-4 (50´) María Isabel Okoye
0-5 (58´) Irene López
0-6 (71´) Claudia Pina
0-7 (74´) Aida Esteve
Victoria Beyer (FRA),  Stephanie Di Benedetto (FRA) and Sylwia Grygiel (POL)
4th Official: Katarzyna Lisiecka-sek (POL)
Women's U17 Elite Round in Israel - MD 1 
National Team training centre in Shefayim (Israel).
Spain's Ambassador to Israel, D. Manuel Gómez-Acebo, assisted