MATCH REPORT | Quality leap for Spain in win over Slovakia (1-4)

Poprad (Eslovaquia) 10 Oct 2017
Saúl Ramos
Jesús Acebes
The Spanish U21 squad dominated the game with authority in Poprad, achieving their second win in the Qualifier Stage

Albert Celades' men found inspiration in the Trata Mountains to earn three important points on the road to the EURO. 

The Head Coach counted once again with Maffeo and Vallejo, both of them injured in the previous training camp, whilst counting on Unai Simón in goal instead of Sivera. 

Hapal's Slovakia came out with the stands' support in Poprad. 

Against the central European side's pressure, Spain displayed ball precision, support on Rodri and Merino and talent at the top with Ceballos who was the target of fouls from the opponent. 

The goal precision lacking against Estonia, came true in Poprad

Spain worked vertically with active Oyarzabal and Soler and Aarón on the left, who seven minutes into the game cause a great chance for the Spanish squad. 

Slovakia held back, creating chances in long balls until a spectacular individual play by Oyarzabal reached Mikel Merino, who scored the opener. 

Paval Hapal's team worked in counterattack but Soler came off handing it to Aarón and Borja mayoral who skimmed the chance to distance the Spaniard's advantage on the scoreboard. 

Once the match resumed Celades' men felt goal-hungry, after shooting on target thirty times in the previous clash against Estonia, where they only managed to score one.

Mikel Oyarzabal sealed the second after a precise cross from Merino. 

Moments later it was Rodri Hernández who joined in the feast with a corner shot. Slovakia was conceded a free-kick delivered by Denis Vavro. The score at this point was 1-3. 

Then it was Dani Ceballos' turn, who after an eternal combination and beautiful skill scored the last goal in the top corner. 

With these four goals and three points in the bag, Spain holds the second spot in the Group 2 Qualifier Stage. 

Rodak, Vavro, Siplak, Hancko, Kruzliak, Lesniak, Urblik, Kacer, Cmelik (Jirka 62´), Spalek (Cernak 80´) and Vestenicky (Mráz 46´).

Head Coach: Pavel Hapal
Unai Simón, Meré (Unai Núñez 42´), Vallejo, Maffeo, Aarón, Rodri Hernández, Mikel Merino (Fabián 88´), Carlos Soler, Oyarzabal (Fornals 75´), Dani Ceballos and Borja Mayoral.

Head Coach: Albert Celades
0-1 (25´) Mikel Merino 
0-2 (48´) Mikel Oyarzabal 
0-3 (55´) Rodri Hernández 
1-3 (59´) Vavro 
1-4 (68´) Dani Ceballos 
Massimiliano Irrati (ITA): Booked Lesniak (15´) and Vavro (19´) for Slovakia and Unai Núñez (57´) for Spain
Assistants: Matteo Passeri and Fabrizio Posado (ITA)
4th Official: Marco Di Bello (ITA)
Group 2 - Second clash for Spain  - in the Qualifier Stage for the Italy 2019 EURO 
Poprad National Training Field (Slovakia)