Koke and Xabi Alonso get together thanks to adiadas PREDATOR: "We're more of a team than a national side"

Ciudad del Fútbol 06 Dic 2017
Both international players discussed the present and future of the Spanish squad

"I see you in good shape for the World Cup", discusses Spain football legend Xabi Alonso to reference player Koke Resurrección.

Both footballers chat in a friendly environment whilst trying on the new adidas PREDATOR, a brand new version of the model, which so many of the world best players have worn. 
Koke confesses to Xabi that "we have more of a team than a national side" in reference to the unity and implication within the Spanish side, ahead of the World Cup challenge in Russia next Summer. 

It was an encounter between football stars and adidas PREDATOR, technical sponsor of the Spanish side, as ingredients from which talent is born.