Fernando Hierro: "We have to stay positive and be brave, to compete and go for the World Cup"

Krasnodar (Rusia) 13 Jun 2018
RFEF President, Luis Rubiales, and Spain's new Head Coach appeared before the media in Krasnodar

Appointment: "Thanks to Fernando Hierro, who has accepted this challenge at a very difficult time, we wanted a person who knew the team well and the players have accepted it wonderfully, thank you, Fernando."

Decision: "We are acting responsibly, this situation is not a good taste, but we have closed ranks with the players, we have a great challenge ahead".

Stages: "We wanted to be honest, everything has been in a short time and we must emphasize the honesty of Fernando Hierro who has always saught the best for the Spanish National Team, always looking ahead ... The challenge before us is Portugal and then Iran" .

Lopetegui: "When all the issues are fixed, we will solve it in the best way possible, there are times when you have to make painful decisions that are above money".

Team: "The national team is going to make us proud, we know the difficulty and we have to trust in doing the best we can, we will leave our souls and hope to have that bit of luck".

Head Coach: "It's a beautiful and exciting challenge, the circumstances are what they are and I accept this responsibility with courage." The whole group is excited and I could not let them down, I want to show my utmost admiration for Julen Lopetegui and I wish him the best in his new endeavour." 

Work: "We cannot touch in two days what has been going on for two years, we know that we are very close to the first match and we have to be coherent and intelligent, the week has been full of work and we have been very present in it. We ask them to be themselves, we have a nice challenge on the 15."

Challenge: "Two more people will be arriving tomorrow to join the coaching staff, we have acted as we had to, the goal for which we have come is to fight for the World Cup and that is what I have told them. It will not serve as justification, we accept our responsibility. "

Fans: "We have a whole country behind us, fans who support us and share our enthusiasm".

Optimism: "We are going to make a mistake if we think about the past and not the future, we all have a very calm conscience and act accordingly, we have to be positive and courageous, we have come to compete and play a World Cup."

Security: "If I weren't convinced of the chances, I would not be here. The players are great professionals and they know what's at stake. We have no doubt." 

Decision: "We have to face the reality. The alternative is to say no, to leave and I've decided to take up this role: to step forward. I have no doubt and I wouldn't be able to say no because I wouldn't be able to forgive myself." 

Julen Lopetegui:" "We had a conversation as friends. He called when he was leaving and we have to change mentality because the guys are looking forward to the tournament. We have no time to moan, because we have to be mature and prove they the players as well." 

Work: "What's key is to change as little as possible. We have three matches to go through to the following round and nothing is a given." 

Training camp: "Our duty is for the team to come out as though nothing had happened. We will train tomorrow in Sochi, we've got to change mentality and have the right motivation." 

"I told the players that we have a thrilling challenge ahead of us and we can't think of anything other than our dream," 
stated Fernando Hierro
Opinions: "I can give my personal opinion. But our personal opinions don't count, we have to turn a new leaf, we have to think about our footballers and stop talking about what happened. Our focus is Portugal." 

Game:  "I would like for my team to play well, with ball possession, with quality and scoring two or three goals more than the rival." 

Line-up: "I told the players that we have a thrilling challenge ahead of us and we can't think of anything other than our dream." 

CV: "I've got a year's experience as coach at Real Oviedo, another as assistant coach and thirty years experience of playing football." 

Comunication: "What the players have told me is fantastic. The group is united, mature, aware of its aim and aware of what is at stake." 

Challenge:  "We've got a great chance. We need everyone's support and affection."

Calm: "I prefer to think in stages. This is football and everything changes. We're used to it." 

Country: "The message we can send if for people to have faith. We are going to give our all." 

Comparisons: "I would sign to be the National Team's 'Zidane' any day."