5 essential facts you didn’t know about VAR

Ciudad del Fútbol 13 Mayo 2018
A video assistant referee team will support the match officials during all 64 FIFA World Cup matches

1) The VAR team

The team consists of the video assistant referee (VAR) and his three assistant video assistant referees. All video assistant referee team members are top FIFA match officials.

2) The Decision Process

The video assistant referee team supports the decision-making process of the referee in four game-changing situations:

*Goals and offences leading up to a goal
*Penalty decisions and offences leading up to a penalty
*Direct red card incidents only
*Mistaken identity

3) The Video Operation Room (VOR)

The video assistant referee team supports the referee from a centralised video operation room (VOR), located in the International Broadcast Centre (IBC) in Moscow. All relevant camera feeds from the 12 stadiums are provided to the VOR through a fibre optic network. The referee on the field at each stadium talks to the VAR team via a sophisticated fibre-linked radio system.


4) The Cameras

The video assistant referee team has access to 33 broadcast cameras, eight of which are super slow-motion and four of which are ultra slow-motion cameras. In addition, they have access to two offside cameras. These two cameras are only available to the video assistant referee team. For the knockout phase two additional ultra slow-motion cameras will be installed one behind each goal that will also be available to the VAR team.


5) Decisions

The video assistant referee does not take any decisions; he supports the referee in the decision making process and the final decision can only be taken by the referee.

Photo: fifa.com